In order to ensure that you know exactly what our (and your) responsibilities are, please read the following terms and conditions.

1. Use of the bicycle

The Renter hires the bicycle on his/her own responsability.

The Agency is hiring the bikes working and in good shape. The Renter accepts the bicycle in good condition, and commits himself/herself to return the bike in equally good condition, and to ride the bike respecting the rules and obligations outlined in Croatian’s laws, as well as committing himself/herself:

  •  Not to adjust or manipulate the mechanical parts of the bicycle.

  • To park the bike in a manner that is safe for pedestrians and in a place where theft is minimized (e.g. no dark alleys). 

  • To return the bike to Dik & Company at the time and date indicated on the contract. A late return will be charged according to extra time the bicycle was used.

  • To be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment which, at all times, remains the exclusive property of Dik & Company. The insurance coverage can't be contracted according to Croatian Law. In case the equipment is lost, destroyed or damaged beyond repair in the judgement of Dik & Company, the Renter agrees to pay Dik & Company the value to replace the equipment. The replacement charge will be determined by Dik & Company and charged at the time of the rental.

2. Charges for use / Insurance

We recommend that you are adequately insured. We cannot be responsible for your own illness or injury or for damage or loss of your personal belongings while on a ride. It is also recommended that this insurance covers you in the event of cancelation of your trip.

The Renter agrees to pay for the rental of the bike and any additional fee accordingly to the Dik & Company's price list that is applicable for any mistreatment of the bicycle.

The Renter is the only responsible of the bike. There is no robbery insurance or any kind of insurance available for the bikes.

3. Repairs and Maintenance

In case of a breakdown, don’t abandon the bicycle. You should contact us immediately to arrange for the exchange of a bicycle of equivalent or superior quality. All repairs needed as a result of the use of the equipment including all parts, shall be paid by the Renter.

4. Accidents and Release of Liability

The Renter agrees that he/she will release Dik & Company from any and all responsibility of liability for injuries or damages to the user of the equipment listed on this form or to any other person.

The Renter accepts for full responsibility for the care of the equipment and thereby agrees to freely and expressly assume and accept any risks and all injury to the user of the equipment while bicycling.

5. Cancellation Policy

It is not possible to get refund for the paid and started rental due to poor weather conditions.



  • Do not leave the bike unattended. Locks deter theft but they do not prevent all theft from happening.

  • Lock the front wheel, frame and steel support under seats.

  • Make sure to return the key with the lock when you’re done with the bicycle.

Confirmation of Acceptance

By renting a bike at Dik & Company you are acknowledging that you have read our terms and conditions and that you agree to be bound by them.


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